Sterkfontein Cemetary

The last time we visited the Sterkfontein Cemetary was in October last year, just before going to NZ. I was really missing my parents on Friday and so we decided to take a drive out to the cemetary to put flowers on their grave. It is about a 35/40 minute drive from our house.
On arrival, I was quite surprised to see how over-grown most of the cemetary looks. There are some areas that are well tended and the grass is trimmed -

My parents' grave was also somewhat overgrown. Unfortunately we did not have any gardening tools with us to do a clean-up.

So, The kids just arranged all the shells and pebbles they had collected and we cleaned it up as best we could, then added some flowers.

In the row just ahead of the one we were in, I found this very pretty little garden.
We have decided to do something similar with my parents grave.
Snacking on sliced orange wedges and popcorn!


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