"Keep your chin up, your back straight and your heart open"

The title of this weeks blog was taken from the movie Stuart Little 2 - which I just fininshed watching with Liam. It was a good reminder to me to stay strong!! We have had a very busy and difficult week. Amongst all the general comings and goings of friends, house work, school work, meetings and fun outings, Nic has continued his search for a job. It has been a difficult road for him. He has never NOT worked and adjusting to being at home and the continued searching is weighing very heavily on his shoulders. We have all felt emotional this week. We love our new country and want to stay. We also love our family and friends that we have left in South Africa and are missing them and the familiarity of all we knew. A few days ago, while discussing our situation here in New Zealand and the possibility of having to give it all up again in a few months (should Nic not get a job) had us all in tears!! We feel safe here. We are doing so much better as a family here. We enjoy our ward and the church activity here. We want to stay here. We wish all our family and friends were here too - that would make it all just about perfect. There is much to tell and so many pictures that I want to share. So I have decided to follow my friend from deeyz-dayz and write about all that has happened in the past 3 months in weekly instalments- starting tomorrow- when I will be posting pictures and journalling about our visit to Australia (to Terry and Suzie) where we spent a week before landing in Christchurch.
So until then - if you are feeling alittle like we are at the moment - "keep your chin up, your back straight and your heart open"


  1. Aha! I have finally worked out how to leave a comment...well done making your Blog. I love your awesome photos of awesome people! May the door of employment open very soon and may it NOT be a revolving door! Kia Kaha - Be Strong! Lots of love

  2. Yahoo! Sterkte!
    I will visit regularly and be pleased to know how things go with you and also your family.
    Thank you for telling me about your blog...

  3. I'm glad I found your blog too, and yes feel free to copy me as much as you like, I will happily help you with anyting you need. I will even design you new templates if you wish, I miss you my friend.

  4. PS, don't be discouraged about the job thing, Hilmar was worked in a recycling plant, a logistic company hauling boxes, as a janitor at a school, constructing stages at a school, garden work and pamphlet distribution, and only now after 3 months of doing essentially slave labour, has he found gainful employment, alot of brits have told me its the average wait time. If he hasn't already, get him to see about signing up with a temp agency and do minimum wage stuff in the mean time, it's humbling and hard work, but it pays the bills.

    Strength to you all my freind.


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