Meeting Spongebob Squarepants and other adventures!

On Wednesday night, Liam came running to us and excited asked if we would take him to meet Spongebob Squarepants! Since this 'very important meeting' would be taking place at Sandton City, about a 45 minute drive from our house, I decided to do some research on the web to see if there was anything else that we could do that was free and in the same vicinity - to make our trip out there more worthwhile. Not that meeting that friendly little sponge from Bikini Bottom wasn't worthwhile, I just felt that it was a little too far to go to meet a cartoon character! On Thursday morning we were off early on our little adventure...
First, to Sandton City Fountain Court... to meet Spongie! We could have a professional picture taken for R35 or we could take our own pictures with our own camera at no cost. We chose the 'no cost' option!

Madison wasn't so sure that she wanted to pose with Spongie, until she saw several other teenagers getting their pictures taken with him, and they didn't even have younger brothers or sisters with them! Some of them were wearing Spongebob slippers and PJ pants!

Then we took some pictures with some of the other character cutouts!

Then Liam went for a free ride on the mechanical surf board

Next he played on the 'beach' and joined the 'Kids United' club

Then it was off to meet 'Dora the Explorer"!

Unfortunately the line was so long that we did not stay to take personal pictures!
We just 'aDored' her from afar!
By then, we were hot and thirsty - so we treated ourselves to milkshakes!

Next, we took a walk across the centre to the Nelson Mandela Square
We wanted to show the kids the giant-sized bronze statue of Nelson Mandela
Sitting at the foot of a Giant....
As a family, we have a great love for Mr Mandela and the dream that he had for South Africa. We live in the hope that it will one day be truly realized....

Our final adventure for the day took us to the Sandton City Library (that we had heard so much about) - located in NM Square

What an awesome place!

3 Floors of books!

We loved the whole 'feel' of the place! It is such a pity that we live so far away from it!!

It really turned out to be a great morning! Cost effective and fun! Just the way we like our outings to be!


  1. Samantha and Joanne both still love Sponge bob. Des also likes watching Spongebob. Joanne has a sponge bob toy in her room. Sponge bob seems to apeal to all ages. I don't quite understand why myself. Liam and Madison look like they had a good time on thier outing. The library looks impressive to.


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