Savouring Our Stories! A Relief Society Activity

On Saturday 7th September
Madison and I were privileged to meet with
Relief Society ladies in our ward (church congregation) for a heritage month activity.
Liam was there to help set up, and also to help in the presentation.
Thank you, Liam, for your help and participation...
it could not have been easy being the only gentleman amongst all the ladies!

The cold weather delayed the proceedings as many people seemed to
be running late. But better late than never!
We had a good turnout and the activity was a great success.

We began with a skit which was funny and heartwarming and 
also brought some of us to tears. The Spirit of Elijah was strong!!

We then shared thoughts and testimonies. I loved hearing of others'
experiences with Family History.

(unfortunately, the phone camera being used is very 
old so the picture quality is poor)

Next, we discussed concerns and worries that we might have relating to Family History.
We spoke about how overwhelming a task it can be.
I loved everyone's input and suggestions shared. I learned so much!
We identified specific ladies who are in need of assistance with their Family History work.
It will be a joy to meet with them soon to see how we can help them.

Because time was short, we moved straight into the
 "Savour Your Family's Story" section of the activity.
Sisters had brought food for us all to enjoy and
 first shared the "story" of the dish/food they had made.
We laughed, and oooh..ed and aaahhh..ed.
Then we ate!!! It was so yummy!!!

 (Madeleine setting up the food tables)

There was food from Zimbabwe, Uganda, India, Transkei, and South Africa.

 We are thankful to all for coming and sharing this special program
with us. We pray that hearts were touched and that we will all be able to catch
the vision of Malachi. May our hearts be turned in love to bless our kindred dead. May
we be able to assist the Lord in accomplishing His wondrous plan for all of us to live


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