Called to Serve

During the past two weeks, Nic and I have both received callings in our old/new ward! I am serving as Assistant Music Leader in Primary. I must admit that when I was called, I felt really overwhelmed! I know nothing about music, much less having to 'lead' it! On Sunday, after my first experience of serving in this calling, I knew that this opportunity to serve would be a great blessing in my life! Our Primary Pianist came to me and said that she felt my call to primary was truly inspired! I was so touched by the spirit!!

Nic was called and sustained as Elder's Quorum President. When he was being set apart by our Stake President, he was given such a beautiful blessing. We were promised that if we supported and sustained Nic in his calling and as he served faithfully - that we would be blessed as a family. We were promised that Heavenly Father knew our circumstances and that we would prosper. I felt great comfort at these words. I know that Nic is feeling overwhelmed at the awesomeness of this calling. I also know that he will do a great job. He truly is a good, humble, hardworking and worthy priesthood holder!


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