"And they lived after the manner of happiness"

One of the things we miss most about NZ are the community playgrounds. We often spent several hours just playing and having fun. Since coming back to SA, it has been a battle to find a community playground that is clean, safe and in useable condition. Last week Friday on the way back home from the cemetary, when we drove past a playground in good condition, the kids yelled for us to stop. After closer inspection we found that there was very little broken glass, the equipment was in good working order and we felt safe, so we seized the opportunity to play! These are some of the happy snaps that I took!

At this point, I jumped onto the merry-go-round with the kids and held on for dear life while still taking pictures!

I am always amazed at the great capacity that Madison and Liam have to express their joy! They are always happy and smiling. They truly "live after the manner of happiness."
They are a great example to us!


  1. I enjoyed sharing the occasion with you - thanks...


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