Liam's Birthday Celebrations!

On Tuesday, 30th June, Liam celebrated his 9th birthday! He had waited so long for this day and was so happy when he woke up. He first woke Nic and I and when I heard the shouting and then squealing and giggling coming from Madison's room, I knew that he had woken her up too by diving bombing on top of her! Our celebrations for the day did not all work out as originally planned because Nic ended up having to go to a training meeting for his new calling as Elders Quorum President and extended family who were due to visit with us that night were not able to make it at the last minute, so the day ended up being a relatively quiet one, at home.

It started off with presents (set out the night before) on the dining table..
A special breakfast - with all of Liams favourites - Apple and yogurt starter, followed by bacon, eggs and toast - and finished off with peanut butter and banana shakes..

Cards and presents!

I love these pictures of Madison and Liam - they clearly show the special relationship these two share....

There was Liam's favourite pizza for lunch, then we watched his Ben 10 movie with him!

In between all the comings and goings of the day, Liam tried out his new playstation game....

And there was a Ben 10 Birthday Cake for afternoon tea!

Our celebrations ended there and continued today (Sunday 5 July) when we were invited to lunch at my brother's house. There were presents for Liam and another cake!

Liam and his special little friend - Cody - they adore each other!

Liam's room is now FULL of Ben 10 goodies!!!


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