A visit to Silverstar Casino

On Saturday, after a surprise early morning visit from my brother, we went off with him to Silverstar Casino. Yes! I said 'casino'! No! We did not go gambling! We went to enjoy some family fun at the Magic Company games arcade. We also got to watch the musical fountains performance. The Casino, which is about a 30 minute drive from our home, has been there for about 2 years apparently. This was our first visit. The kids had tons of fun playing games.
Madison was particularly taken with the decor and said that she felt like she was in a great palace!

She was so impressed with the rest room and loved all the mirrors!

Quite palacial isn't it!

Their rendition of the "eternity" mirrors

Magic Company Games Arcade!

Spider Stomping!

Liam seemed to gravitate to all the 'ball' games!

Fire Stomping!

More 'ball' games!

Virtual Car Racing!

Look at the concentration !
Madison spent most of her time trying to beat the Dance Extreme Machine!

The Dancing Musical Fountains!

At this point, my camera died on me and I was not able to take the rest of the pictures that I wanted. There were some beautiful water sequences and I also wanted to capture the beautiful mosiac floors and South African Karoo themed entrance gardens. We stayed for lunch and then watched a funny Irish Clown do some magic tricks!
It turned out to be a lovely but fairly expensive outing. I will have to do some thinking and find a less expensive way of enjoying these fountains! Watch this space for future developments!


  1. Once again it was all about the water for me. I would have been entertained all day long by those fountains. AND...once again, I enjoyed your wonderful photos! xxx


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