Turning a House into a Home - Part 1

As most of our family and friends know, when we moved to New Zealand, we pretty much gave up almost everything to go. We arrived in Christchurch with just 8 bags. We had packed up some personal items and had them shipped over. It really was a challenge and an adventure to start over again. On returning to South Africa, we pretty much did the same thing all over again and only took what we needed or really loved. So starting up a home once again, has been challenging and a bit of an adventure, considering our tiny budget. With the help of family and friends and wise spending, we have started to put together a comfortable place for us to live. We are blessed to own the home that we live in and very wisely put tenants into it when we relocated. It was a blessing to be able to come back home to it.
So this is what we have been able to do so far. It does look a little bare but that will all change when our boxes arrive from NZ.
Living Room

Dining Area and Homeschool Zone

Kids Chill Out and Homework Area

It could still do with some improving, but we are pleased with the overall peaceful feel we have been able to create.
Our house is becoming a home once more!


  1. What an awesome home - made more awesome by the wonderful people who live in it! Your home looks more 'homely' than mine...one day I'll get there! xxx

  2. Will 'Part 2' have other photos - outside and bedrooms etc? I love to look at homes. Indulge me. xxx


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