The Gardens at 'Enduleni'

On Friday I attended a morning session at the temple and then volunteered for a few hours at the distribution centre. 'Enduleni' is the property next to the temple grounds and houses the church offices, distribution centre, genealogy library, employment resource center and temple patron housing. When Nic came to pick me up, we decided to take some photos of the gardens that lay between the parking lot and the offices. There are lots of little paths that lead across streams and over a bridge. There are quiet little spots with benches and all of these elements together create a lovely restful feel. I thought that family and friends far away would like to see where I sometimes 'work'.


  1. What lovely photos. I really like the water pictures. I find water to be very, very calming. It's also lovely to see the sunshine - one day we'll see more of the sun. I can't wait! XXX


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