Shopping Center Fun

On Saturday our local shopping center had some fun organised for all the children visiting the center, so while Madison and I went shopping, Liam played, made some friends and generally just had some "free" fun. Nic was close by to keep a watchful eye on him. On our return to the designated "fun" area, Madison saw several teenagers getting their faces painted so she decided to get her's done too....

Just your friendly neighbourhood clown and stilt walker.

Decorating cupcakes is fun - eating them is even better!!

Clown Walking!!!

Bouncy Castle fun!!

It all ended with a juggling lesson!


  1. Let's mark it up...a FREE activity in South Africa. Mandy, I am so proud of you for finding this free fun time. Well done! Liam and Madison are looking so happy. xxx

  2. Hey did you notice behind the clown in the first picture of him is the sign for and optometrist? with your surname! How cool is that!


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