Turning 19! A 'movie-themed' birthday celebration!

It's been an incredibly emotional few weeks for us...low lows and high highs...here are some pics from one of our highs!
Liam had his birthday on Sunday 30th June and we celebrated in our quiet Erasmus way by spending lots of time together and having some fun.
His day was "movie-themed" with surprises along the way.
For the table decor, we used props that we already had and some new ones that I made.
The old projector and video camera were passed on to us by extended family and are the actual equipment used by my father-in-law in the 1960s and 70s. There are also several 8mm filmstrips, film reels, and slides too.

We printed out some chair signs.

We made glittery cardstock Oscars and a working clapper board out of cereal box board.

Before church, there was yummy breakfast and opening presents as well as Liam giving a "Mad-Lib" Oscar acceptance speech - which was hilarious!

Lunch was a popcorn bar and toasted chicken mayo sarmies... The popcorn bar was yummy!
For decor, we added a paper banner, printed from a royalty-free google image, which was enlarged and pasted together. We also made a "Things we love about Liam" reel using cardstock and cereal box board.

Then it was off to the Light The World Multi-Stake YA choir practice in Sandton, where Nic also did a mini photoshoot...

Then home for the yummiest homemade burgers and skinny fries followed by a vanilla and crushed Oreos ice cream cake!

We ended the evening playing a game of Movie themed "General Knowledge." And parties are never complete until everyone gets a party pack....ours had "censor-chips" and "red carpet ropes" for us to enjoy!

It was fun and utterly special to spend the day celebrating our precious son"s 19th Birthday.
Lots of laughter and love. 


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