Our Five Frugal Things - Episode 4

Gretchen Rubin wrote, 
"What you do every day
matters more than what you do
once in a while"
This could not be truer for frugal and provident living.
Success comes from doing 'small' things consistently
over a period of time.
It's all the 'little' bits that add up

Here are Our Five Frugal Things for this week:

1. I signed up to SnapnSave and hope to earn some cash back
on items I am already purchasing. One simply 'books' a deal on
a product, you then have 48 hours to purchase it (at any major retailer)
and then you snap a photo of your till slip and load it onto the site.
The reviews are good and the site is secure.
I am testing it this week and hoping for a good result!

We shopped the Food Lovers Market Lucky #13 sales on Friday the 13th
and got spectacular deals on fresh produce.
Amazing R13 deals!

Managing one's budget,
 and being disciplined to that budget when shopping weekly,
 has great benefits.
 The best food sales seem to run through the month instead of at the end!

2. I completed a 2-question survey for KFC (without purchasing anything)
 and received a R10 airtime voucher which was loaded directly to my phone.

3. I received a notification from Barnyard Theatre this week reminding me
that I have loyalty points available to spend on tickets to one of their shows.
 I signed up to the loyalty program in 2015 when we purchased tickets to a family show. 
We have visited again on 2 other occasions
 when we were invited out by friends (at their cost). 
I had completely forgotten about this loyalty club. 
It seems that I have been earning points every year on my birthday! 
With my birthday coming up on the 27th...
I was being notified that I now have 250 loyalty points to spend.
 1 point = R1 !! 
Wow! R250 to spend on tickets to a show!
I booked a ticket for their Live in Vegas show which looks great...and because I booked for a Tuesday night, I got the 2nd ticket free and the total cost was R185....so I still have R65 worth of points to spend another time!!!  Super excited!

4. Part of frugal and provident living is reaching out beyond ourselves to help others.
This week we found a 'home' for all the recycling 
we have been saving up over the past several weeks.
 We collected newspapers, magazines, any other paper, food packaging, plastic containers,
glass jars, and cans.
We gifted it all to a dustbin recycler who comes past our house every so often.
This enables him to earn a little income
 from all these items when he takes them to the recycling center.
We also treated him to some fresh fruit and cold fridge water for his journey.
His radiant smile made me feel so happy. It feels good to GIVE!

5. I made a 'bottom-of-the-honey-jar' cup of tea, to use the last bit of honey in the jar.
I put my rooibos tea bag directly into the jar, enjoyed the tea, 
and then added the cleaned jar to recycling!

I turned a batch of overripe tomatoes into a delicious pasta sauce 
and 2 pieces of day-old toast into crumbs for a crunchy Mac and Cheese topping.
We picked our last batch of homegrown bush peas and added them to a meal.
We tested the Royco Marinade/Basting sauce (received from the Home Testers Club) on our frikkadels and really enjoyed it.

I discovered that I have another very helpful plant growing in my yard!
 I am looking forward to using it medicinally once I educate myself a bit more about it.

There is ABUNDANCE in frugal and provident living! 


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