A Ramkiki Bee-Day Party for Kali Calder

Yesterday, family and friends gathered in the beautiful grounds of Ramkiki
to celebrate the 2nd birthday of my grand-niece Kali.

It was fun catching up with family that I hadn't seen in a L O N G while!
It was lovely to reconnect and chat.

Kali is part fairy, part butterfly and part mischievous imp.
She enchants all those around her!
(9yo Taylor, with Natalie our niece, and little Kali)

We also got to meet the newest member of our family.
Kayden Callen Calder.
Just 6 weeks old and so precious.

Lara, our niece and Kali's mom, decorated the Lapa in a very cute BEE theme!
So BEE-u-tiful. 

 This gorgeous cake was made by our niece Robyn. I just love the expression!

We had the large Lapa to ourselves and it was right next to a fun play area for all the children.

I love the vaulted thatched roofs and the gorgeous view from the various decks.

 Amazing door!

This venue is simply beautiful!

There were several of these carvings around the garden.

My brother Allan, walking me back to my car.
It was lovely to walk and chat.

Madison on the bridge over the Wilge River.


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