Upgrading Our Security Systems

We have had some scary experiences over the past two months which have caused us to rethink our current security systems.

 We realized that we have a lot of changes to make and some upgrading to do. 

We were made aware of  the importance of regularly checking our alarm system and running routine tests. We learnt that our outdoor beam was not working, as well as one of our panic buttons. We are in the process of getting it all sorted.

Work began on our house today.

Bars were made and fitted to our bathroom windows.
A security gate installed at our front door.
A special frame to house the security gate had to be built.
James - our contractor and a family member worked tirelessly.
His work is top-notch! So neat and beautifully finished.

So grateful for all that he is doing in providing the skill and manpower.

So grateful to Terry and Suzie for providing the funding for this venture.

I am excited to see it all done!
We feel 'safer' already.

Of course with blessings come responsibilities too.
We realised that we MUST now have an emergency evacuation plan in case of fire since the windows which provided an exit no longer do. 
Lots of research and thinking and planning to do there.
 We need to do fire drills.

And a whole lot more work to do.

This whole experience has made us realize that while we were able to handle
some tough situations, we are NOT properly prepared for emergencies.

A sobering thought.

Now that we know better, we will do better!

Here are some pictures of the work in progress:

New doors for front and back which will be treated to
 withstand our damp weather and the scorching heat.

The job is made easier with the right tools

A security gate going on the front door so we can enjoy an 
open door and the cool cross breeze in safety, while we homeschool.

James cutting and making the steel frame to house the gate.

The frame still in progress. 

Working on the frame. 

Much or our learning was done in 'other'ways today.
It's been a long day.
Filled with interruptions.
For the greater good, we choose to find our way through them 
and take them as they come.....the reward will be great!


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