It has been raining most of the day.
I have loved the sound on the roof and
 the drip drip drip on the window sills.
The sound of raindrops plonking into the water in the birdbaths.
The glug glug as water pours out of the gutter downpipes.

The air smells fresh and clean.
I think of all the dust and grime that is being washed away.
My garden is being refreshed and hydrated.
Hopefully the grass will grow now.
The sky is a whispery grey.

Such a blessing!

With it comes challenges too!

Parts of the garden are flooding.
Tris, our pup just refuses to go potty in the rain.
The kitchen floor is lined with newspaper to help her out.
Work on our house security has had to be halted.
We cannot hang wooden doors in the rain!
They need to be planed and treated first in dry weather.

Tomorrow is another day.

 I will focus on everything that I love about the rain!


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