For Nic, My Savior and all those who touch my life for good, whether by kind word or gentle deed - Thank You.

Never Unloved - by Mandy Erasmus
I have been faithless
often fearful
I have been unworthy
sometimes unwise
I have been unreachable
somewhat un-humble
even unteachable
I have been unwilling
unrighteous and unfit
for heaven's blessings
I have been un-magnificent
and undesirable
I have been often undone
by things I am unsure of
I have been unapproachable
in moments of doubt
I have been unfair and unaware
somewhat undecided, unqualified
I have been unbroken
still find myself un-mended
my song is yet unsung
my story mostly untold
I have been un-young
in my youth
now find myself
because of you
I have never been unloved
because of your unconditional
all encompassing glow
I am never unloved


  1. How true. Your words spoke what many people feel!

  2. Hi there Mandy,

    Really beautiful blog! I love this poem. Will be back to visit soon. xo, Michelle


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