Christchurch Botanic Gardens - Part 3 - Nature's Giants

One of our favourite places in the whole world - The Christchurch Botanical Gardens in New Zealand. I was awed by the beautiful trees and with each visit found myself drawn to these giant's...I ended up taking several hundred pictures of them. Here are just a few..


  1. Here in NZ we have the saying "Don't leave home 'til you've seen the country." I think it was made up as an ad slogan for a travel agency. It promoted travelling around good ol' NZ BEFORE going overseas. I can see why it's true with beautiful surroundings such as this. I've been lazy with my blog but I enjoying reading yours and seeing your lovely photos. Keep up the good work! xxx

  2. Lovely Mands...
    I have caught up a few posts.
    I love your poem.


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