Our Five Frugal Things - Episode 2

Each week I wait with anticipation 
for an email update from Katy Wolk-Stanley

I particularly get excited about her Five Frugal Things posts.
I am always interested to see how she avoided spending money,
earned extra money, and generally made frugal and earth-friendly choices
throughout her week.

I am so inspired by her!

Here are our Five Frugal Things this week.

 I snagged some 'free' needed items. 
I say 'free' because I did not spend any money on them.
 I did, however, exchange some time in return for these items.

1. The first was a loaf of bread. 
I received a wiicode from The Home Testers Club
which I used at Checkers to 'pay' for a loaf of Albany Bread.
We chose Albany's Low GI Brown Wholewheat Bread and tried it out at home.
I then did a 10 minute, follow up, online survey.
Since we already shop at Checkers this worked out great!
I did the survey in bed one night while listening to some music!

2. The second was an airtime voucher valued at R20, which was sent directly to my phone.
In return for this, I completed a KFC menu survey.
I basically looked at pictures of their menus and shared my opinion.
It also took about 10 minutes.
At the end of the month, before payday....all these little extras really help!

3. The third item was not really 'needed' but definitely a wanted gift!
My hubby picked up a copy of the Fresh Living magazine at PnP Hypermarket
when he went there for some groceries when he was in the area,
Fresh Living is free to Smart Shopper Card holders.
For someone like me, who just never spends money on magazines...ever,
it a real treat to receive a new fresh copy!
It's filled with good stuff to read, recipes and lots of colourful pages
that will eventually be cut up and used in my art journaling or tag making in the future.

4. Our son, Liam, spent 3 days visiting his cousin in Vereeninging.
As part of their outings over the 3 day period,
 they went out for pizza,
 visited an animal farm (with free entry) at Magic Gardens
and watched the lastest Spiderman movie at the new Vaal Mall Ster Kinekor Theatre.
We purchased the tickets using E-bucks, 
which we earned from our petrol purchases
and our grocery shopping at Checkers. 
So...FREE tickets in essence! That's a saving of R105 per ticket!

5.  We added freshly picked, homegrown bush peas to a salad.
I enjoyed my garden nasturtium leaves on a ham roll for lunch today.
It packs a peppery punch of flavour.
With Liam away and only 3 of us eating at home, 
we made a 500 gm packet of spaghetti last for 2 suppers 
and enjoyed it with two different homemade sauces.
 It was YUM!

There is ABUNDANCE in frugal living!


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