As the waves make towards the pebbled do our minutes hasten to their end - Shakespeare

I recently watched a movie with the kids and amidst the all the fun and laughter I managed to find 3 little nuggets of wisdom...

"The point of TIME is to help you understand where you are, not to rush you onto the next thing."

Except for a few odd days here and there, it feels as though all I have been doing in the past few weeks is rushing from one thing to the next. Never being fully able to really give that thing my whole attention...I am beginning to feel like I am missing out a little...beginning to to feel like I need to just slow it down and take stock of where I am.

"Don't miss where you are now because you are anxious for a better future."

I feel like we have been so focused on getting our life back on track since our return from New Zealand...and worrying about our future that we have forgotten in the past month to just enjoy where we are now. What a great blessing it is to have Nic home with us! We get to do things together that we normally would just not have the time to do. It feels like we need to just stop and experience the blessings of this incredible time and then express our gratitude for it.

"Life brings changes, but the things that matter most to us always stay with us."

How true are those words!!! Our life has been through so many changes in the past year and while some have been good for us, some have been really hard to deal with. Yet, through it all, we have remained strong in the gospel and true to each other. What an incredible blessing to be apart of this amazing family!


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