Breaking News "Madison - officially a teenager!"

A hug from Liam - who had just woken up.

Birthday Cards!!

Yay! This is so much fun!

Wahoo!!! It's a Camp Rock throw!

More pressies!!!

Daddy's little girl!

Nearly taller than her mom!!

Finally!!! I get to see it!

Chocolate brownies - My favourite!

Hey! Don't take them away!!

On Wednesday the 27th our 'little' girl Madison turned the big 'one three'!!!! She was so excited!! She has waited for this day for a long time - she is so pleased to be able to tell everyone that she is "officially a teenager"! The celebrations for the day started off with the opening of presents, then a trip to the movies to see "Hannah Montana - The Movie"and ended off with having some family over for hot dogs and brownies and more present opening and of course the traditional singing and blowing out of candles!!! A fun day all in all!!! Madison loved all her presents!!! Thank you to those family members who could not be with us but phoned and sent sms's!!! Thank you to everyone for making her day special!! She has promised us that she will try her best to be a "teen -angel"!!!


  1. Happy, happy birthday Madison dear,
    May happy days come to you all year,
    If I had a wish that it would be,
    That you'd be here and your birthday would be so happy!

    Well, I messed that song up but wanted to say - "You look awesome Madison!"

    Happy Birthday! or Ra Whanau Kia Koe! (Happy Birthday to you).

    Happy Birthday Teenager! We pray for the happiness and well-being of you and your family.

    Love Carol xxx


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