"Be still, and know that I am God"

So, last week I said that I would be posting pictures of our trip to Australia - the next day. Sorry about the delay. I woke up the a bad cold, and things got alittle on top of me. I decided to pull down all my sails and just drift alittle while. I read, helped the kids with schoolwork, prepared more lessons and rested as much as I could in between. I even stayed in bed for 2 days. I'm feeling better now and ready to be blogging again. A high point this week was when our boxes arrived from South Africa - carrying all of our worldly possessions. A total of 15 boxes. It is so nice to know that our family photos, journals and other personal items are once again close at hand. I had no idea that we would miss our "stuff" so much. Nic is overjoyed to have his cds back and Madison is so happy to have her High School Musical dvds and her mini hi-fi. Liam was very excited to have his little box of toys, playstation games and his Buzz Lightyear blanket. It felt like christmas and birthdays all rolled into one. I am so pleased to once again have my cross-stitching things and Mom's cookbook. Oh! how I have missed them. I was jumping for joy when I saw my old, worn but warm, comfy gown! It is 8 years old and still going strong!! On Tuesday morning, we woke up to freezing cold, wet weather and the car refused to start. Nic tried and tried, but the engine simply would not turn over. First we panicked alittle, then Nic did some basic checking in the engine then tried again. Still it would not work. I then suggested a that we all say a prayer together. We went back indoors and Nic said a very heartfelt, sincere prayer - it truly touched me. He then went out and checked the battery and put some water into the radiator, fiddled here and there and kept trying to start it. After about a half hour of trying - the engine suddenly turned over and everything has been fine since. We were all so relieved. We immediately stopped to thank our Heavenly Father for blessing us. We truly felt that our prayer had been answered. And so I am reminded that when things are tough, we need to just stop and remember Heavenly Father and express our concerns to Him. "Be still, and know that I am God" Psalms 46 v 10


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