"and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands"

This blog is a special message to my friend Dianne - yes! The one from Deey-dayz! That doesn't mean that if you are not Dianne that you should stop reading! I have not been near my blog since the 5th March - too much has been going on physically and emotionally so I tried the avoidance tactic to see if that would make the news that I have any better. Alas! It did not work. Thanks for all the lovely, encouraging comments you have left. I have found them to be exactly what I need today. I also checked up again on your blog and as usual it has been funny, inspiring and thought provoking!! Thank you!! My dear friend, for being there when I need you. When I think back to the days we spent together, weighing in, sharing scriptures and hugs, laughing and crying together, trying to figure out why we do the things we do - I suddenly feel a little fuller, as if that little empty space that settled in my heart over the past few months has suddenly been filled. I miss you so much!! So here is my email address: mandy@ldsliving.com
And should there be anyone else who feels inspired to write - please do so! So I guess you are wondering what the news is? Quite simply stated - we are returning to South Africa on 4 May! I will explain the details later. I am so grateful that we have the support and love of family and friends across the world and new friends that we have made here - I feel truly blessed and know that "(My) friends do stand by (me), and they shall hail (me) again with warm hearts and friendly hands." D&C 121v9


  1. Oh yes! I will hail you again with joy... And I am also so sad to hear that you are returning - you wanted so much to make this happen. God bless you all dear Erasmus family.
    I am sure this decision was not made lightly.


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