Our Five Frugal Things - Episode 5

When a friend recently shared the above quote on social media, I immediately thought ...
I want to share that on our blog!
It speaks so clearly to my feelings about our life ... the one we are creating every day
as we travel on this frugal and provident living journey.

For us, part of frugal and provident living is managing resources in the best possible way, and making use of resources that come into our lives in various forms, not only for necessities but for our wants, recreation, entertainment, and comfort too.

Here are Our Five Frugal Things for the past week!

1. I turned a piece of a soft, colourful and mostly unused
 duvet cover into a cool summery top. 
Here I am wearing it at my birthday lunch.
The remaining fabric will be used in the coming week for 2
other pieces of clothing.

2. I used lavender from our garden to calm a headache and for a fragrant, calming shower.
 I simply crushed the blossoms and leaves, placed them in a
gauzy bag and tied it over the showerhead.
We used bulbine (bulbinella) leaves (the gel-like sap) to calm mosquito bites and
to heal a cold sore. It has been so easy to grow, it works so well and offers instant relief.

3. While working on sit-down type projects, I enjoyed watching
season one and two of the 1981 British sitcom A Fine Romance - starring a younger
Dame Judi Dench. It's a fun show and I like that sort of humor.
It is freely available on YouTube.

As a family, we also enjoyed a special devotional for students
that really is a message for the world. It brought us great comfort.
Freely available to view here.

Instead of subscribing to DSTV's premium package (at a cost of R809 pm)
 to watch the 2019 Rugby World Cup, we chose to
tune in to a live broadcast of  World Cup Radio available online at no cost.
It was gripping and fun and rather nostalgic to sit and listen to the South Africa/New Zealand game.
It reminded me of times L O N G ago, before we had television.
I would sit and watch as my dad sat and listened to local rugby on the radio.
Happy memories!!

4. I returned to my studies via BYU Idaho's Pathway Connect Worldwide program and will be pursuing a degree on completion of this preparatory program. 
It really is an incredible blessing.
 I am paying a much-reduced rate at just US$16.50 per credit hour
 due to a subsidy through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 
What a gift this is!
You can find out more about it here.

5. We read our free local community newspaper,
enjoyed books from our local library,
packed lunches for work and missionary assignments instead of buying,
earned loyalty points and ebucks by filling up on Petrol at Engen and
shopping at Checkers, Dischem and PicknPay.

There really is ABUNDANCE in frugal and provident living.


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