Rudolf's Light Scout - Candy Cane Route

As part of our frugal December Stay-cation
we enjoyed a fun family OUT evening.

After a lovely burger dinner at home
we headed to Spur for dessert.

We enjoyed their R19.67 waffle special. 
That's a great price for a frugal family!

While we enjoyed our waffles we chatted
and played a round of 5 card rummy.

Then we headed out with our online map
to follow a Rudolf's Light Scout route.

The one we chose was called the Candy Cane Route
and we basically followed the map to
find all the houses on that route,
lit up by Christmas lights.

I love that South Africans are beginning to decorate their
houses with lights for Christmas.

As we drove we scored each house out of 10.
Unfortunately our camera battery died so we only managed to take a few photos.

As we drove, we sang carols!
This is definitely something we will do again next year
and discover another of the many routes on


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