Learning from Joanie..over at Simple Living Mama

For a while now, I have been feeling the need to seriously write,
to connect with others through the written word and photographs,
through ideas shared and conversations.

I have a great desire to share this journey that we are on.
I find myself wanting to share it with anyone who would venture here.
Anyone who would find value here.
Something that they can relate to.
Anyone who would stop a while and find out what we are about.

I want it to be more than a journal.
More than a photo album and experience collector.
I want it to be a place of inspiration, a place of upliftment 
through the stories, photos and experiences shared here.

I also want this to be a means for me to bring in an income to help
support my family as we share our journey with the world.

Today I was inspired by Joanie over at Simple Living Mama
Her post entitled "April 2016 Blogging Goals" really got my attention!

I have never thought about setting goals for my blog before 
but feel impressed to do so now:

So here are my blogging goals for April!

1. Blog at least twice a week
2. Investigate Adsense as a means of earning an income through my blog
3. Share a link to my blog on Facebook once a week
4. Research at least 2 other blogs and learn from them

Thank you Joanie!

Your blog description says "Everyday Encouragement for the Ordinary Mom"

This ordinary mom and newbie aspiring blogger 
felt ENCOURAGED during her visit to Simple Living Mama!


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