Strengthened by the words of others

I haven't felt a desire to blog in such a long time.....too much going on....too little time.....too little desire....too much pain.  Today I have felt truly inspired by two blogs posted by two people whom I love and respect greatly.  I very often look to them (and they may not even know it) for guidance.  The first was written by a dear friend Carol, whose husband left her for another woman after 22 years of marriage.  He was a leader in the church, his community, and at work.  I respected him and believed him to be a really special person.  I was very sad to hear of these events as they unfolded.  Despite all of the sadness and stress that she had been through in Christchurch, Carol has chosen to move ahead with her life with such courage and strength of character.  She has made a new home for herself and her children and is living her life.  Well done my dear're awesome and I love you!

The second blog was written by my friend Judy Bray.  She shared with us her farewell message about and to Renola Van Rooyen, who recently passed away.  As I listened to her speak at the memorial service on Sunday and then read it again on her blog today, I felt so inspired to express myself once again in the written word.  Something that I have not done for a very long time.  What a beautiful message Sister Judy!  I really admire your way with words and the courage and confidence with which you share them.  You inspire me to speak my love and speak it again.


  1. Thank you Mandy.
    (It takes like to recognise like...)


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