Monday Memories - Part 1

At the end of September we had the opportunity of staying at the Church Recreational Facility in Hartebeespoort. We spent 2 days, relaxing, playing, being creative, hiking, swimming and generally enjoying some quality family time. Here are some of the pictures that we took.

Beautiful African Bushveldt
Apple Cottage - Our home for 2 days
I just loved this outdoor shower!
More beautiful scenery

Breakfast in the outdoor kitchen
The old fort on top of the mountain that was built during the Anglo-Boer War
We had squirrels on the roof and spiders everywhere!
The kids loved the big fire pit

Eating dinner next to the fire and under the stars!

Trying our hand at watercolours

African dusk
Hiking the mountain!

View near the top

View from the very top - awesome - Hartebeespoort Dam
We made it to the Fort!

Board Games

Obstacle course

Cooling off in the pool - 22 deg c.

Hartebeespoort Tunnel
Hartebeespoort Dam Wall


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