A new beginning

So here it finally is - my blog!! I have been telling family and friends for such a long time that I was starting a blog - It feels good to finally be here - at the very beginning!! I am still learning how to work with the templates and figuring out how everything else works - so be kind when you first view this blog - think good happy thoughts!! I really want this blog to be a place for all my family and friends to come to and participate in my life. I will always be here!! The person who has truly inspired me to do this has an incredibly beautiful blog of her own and I will try not to steal too many of her ideas. Hopefully she will not mind me borrowing a few!!? Check out her blog at www.deez-dayz.blogspot.com and you will see why I have been inspired. Thanks Diane for your great example! So let me begin by telling you about my blog title and the picture. Arohanui (pronounced a - ro - ha - newy) is a maori word meaning 'big love'. This blog will chronicle everything that has and is happening as we build a new life in New Zealand. We have fallen deeply in love with our new country! The picture was taken at a local recreation park a few kilometers from were we live - The Groynes - I have been striving for quite a while to learn to take better photos and I am particularly pleased with how it came out. It was taken at about 8pm one night when we went out for a walk with our friends "The McDonalds". So please check back in a few days and enjoy what I have added. I will be adding a few post every week. Come and enjoy the journey with me!


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