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Our Five Frugal Things - Episode 5

When a friend recently shared the above quote on social media, I immediately thought ... I want to share that on our blog! It speaks so clearly to my feelings about our life ... the one we are creating every day as we travel on this frugal and provident living journey.
For us, part of frugal and provident living is managing resources in the best possible way, and making use of resources that come into our lives in various forms, not only for necessities but for our wants, recreation, entertainment, and comfort too.
Here are Our Five Frugal Things for the past week!
1. I turned a piece of a soft, colourful and mostly unused  duvet cover into a cool summery top.  Here I am wearing it at my birthday lunch. The remaining fabric will be used in the coming week for 2 other pieces of clothing.

2. I used lavender from our garden to calm a headache and for a fragrant, calming shower.  I simply crushed the blossoms and leaves, placed them in a gauzy bag and tied it over the showerhead. We used…

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