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The 115 Year-Old Trees - Escapades of an Amateur Historian - Episode 1

Not far from our house, just a short 2-minute drive,  lives a lane of giant 115-year-old trees. The Eeufees Lane of eucalyptus trees was planted by Voortrekkers in 1904! Sites like this make my amateur-historian's heart happy. It's easy for me to imagine these early pioneers trekking through the area with their wagons, families and animals. Stopping to rest and planting trees for their future generations, knowing that it will bring much needed shade to the wide open veldt. What a spectacular entry into our little neighborhood of Hamberg! One can only imagine what they have witnessed over the years! They have been the setting of a scary story in the growing up years of our children, the center of several articles in our local community newspaper, the cause of tears after a storm in 2017, and the recent subject of Nic's practice photography shoot. What a splendid lane of trees! When our children were little,  they would imagine the trees to be the

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