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The Importance of "Being There"

And here's another family blog post centered around my Old Testament study! :)

One thing that really stood out to me this week during my study was Moses traveling up to Mount Sinai to receive further instruction from the Lord for the Israelites in Exodus 24:12. When the Lord instructs Moses to meet with Him, He says: "be there". I thought about this phrase and I soon realized its significance:

We can physically be present somewhere, and actually not be there. We could be attending a temple session or a sacrament meeting, and our minds could be elsewhere. We could be in the act of reading our scriptures but feel absolutely nothing.

I went to a young adult Valentine's dance last night, and I had the opportunity of speaking to a friend I hadn't seen in almost a year. She spoke about university classes and how crazy it had been for her this past year. She then admitted that school had influenced her negatively. Due to this, she became past feeling to the soft, spiri…

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